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Valued Customers,



We appreciate you and your patience greatly during this time.

As we still continue to adapt to the new realities caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to communicate the actions Kitchen Master will take moving forward. As we have all seen, this situation is quickly changing and we are monitoring it closely to help shape our direction moving forward. We are striving to operate with an abundance of care for all of our employees and their families, as well as our customers, suppliers, and communities.


We will be amending our regular business practices as stated below:


  • Showroom, Office, and Sales meetings are encouraged to set up an appointment.

  • Showrooms will be open for normal hours effective May 5, 2020


  • We will maintain social distancing and meet health requirements, including by not limited to:


Asking employees and guests if they have or had symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days or that have been in contact with someone that has symptoms within that last 14 days to reschedule their appointments and self quarantine for 14 days.

Asking employees and guests to wash hands upon arrival for at least 20 seconds.

Asking employees and customers to practice 6’ Distances.

All to cover coughs or sneezes into the sleeve or elbow.


We encourage the use of a cloth face mask.

We will maintain enhanced cleaning procedures of all surfaces in our Offices and Showrooms.

  • If an employee is sick, they are encouraged to stay home, and if they have COVID-19 symptoms they will be required to self-quarantine and will not be allowed to work and must follow the CDC guidelines for quarantine.


  • Installations and construction work will experience delays as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Please be patient with us as we work through these delays. Our priority is the Health and Safety of our employees and customers.

  • We will prioritize installations and work differently based on health and safety.


  • For customers that we will perform work in your home:

  1. Report to us immediately if you or anyone in your home has COVID-19 symptoms or has been in contact with anyone with having COVID-19 or its symptoms, before we arrive to preform work.

  2. We ask ALL customers to sanitize all surfaces our employees will be in contact with before we arrive to your home and after we have left, each day.

  3. Before scheduling each appointment we will need you to answer the questions below. Also our installers have been given the right to ask a few questions before coming on site upon arrival.  If they have any reason to believe the site is unsafe for their own well-being they may request that the appointment be rescheduled.

         a) Have you or anyone in your home come in contact with anyone having COVID-19 or its symptoms in the past 14 days?

         b) Have you or anyone in your home exhibited fever, coughing or shortness of breath in the past 14 days?

         c) Have you or anyone you have come into contact with in the past 14 days traveled abroad?

         d) Do you feel comfortable with our teams entering your home?  Would you like to reschedule if not

         e) Have you sanitized all surfaces we will be in contact with before we arrived?

  4. While on your job site, we are requesting that all persons and animals dwelling at that site please allow our installers/templaters space to do their work.  Ideally, leaving the site completely while our teams work or at a minimum by remaining in another room or area of the site.  Should a question or concern arise, the installer/template tech will reach out and request the information.  All interactions must maintain a 6’ distance at all times.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or text message at 317-843-1500, or by e-mail at


Please know that we are praying for you and your families. Keep trusting God even when it looks impossible as he works all things out for those who believe. Stay safe and healthy.



Glenn Ray, Owner

Kitchen Master Corp.

Last Update 5/4/20 5:00pm

As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves, our suppliers continue to update their lead time expectations.  Please note we will update this as often as possible and may not have all or current information.


Current lead times for our brands are:


Fieldstone – their Sioux Falls facility will be CLOSED for at least the next two weeks and is tentatively scheduled to reopen on April 27th.  All lead times (including warranty & rush items) are extended be 2 weeks.

UltraCraft – All lead times extended by 1-2 weeks.

Shiloh/Aspect/Eclipse – Significant reduction in workforce has extended lead times on all lines by 4-5 weeks.  Existing orders will see extended lead times of 2-3 weeks.

Wellborn – As of right now, lead times are unchanged and remain 3-4 weeks.


Cambria - installs will be delayed as well.  Currently, installs are delayed 2-3 weeks from normal lead times.


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